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The Parent Rooms supports parents from all over Northern Ireland with their mental and emotional wellbeing.


Creating A Circle of Support Around Parents in Northern Ireland

The Parent Rooms is a mental health charity in Northern Ireland.

We are a circle of support for parents who are experiencing concerns around their mental and emotional wellbeing as they emerge beyond personal struggles to lead full and healthy lives.


We do this through peer support, wellness education and awareness-raising in the community.

We work with parents to help them discover the tools and techniques they can use to help themselves. 

Our groups

We are growing our peer support network

We are expanding our peer support network across Northern Ireland. We hope to have a face-to-face group in every community by 2026. You can find out more about our current peer support groups below. 


If you would like to try peer support, the first step is to register with us. Our Parent Support Coordinator will then get in touch to have a chat and let you know everything you need to do.

Castlewellan Group

This group is facilitated by Carly, one of our accredited Peer Support Volunteers, and will take place every Monday morning from 10am – 11am at our hub in MYMY. 

Parenting Additional Needs (PAN) Group

This online group is for parents of children with additional needs. It is facilitated by Carly and takes place every Friday morning.

Monday Night Group

This online group is facilitated by Andrea, one of our accredited Peer Support Volunteers and takes place every Monday evening from 8.15pm – 9.15pm.

Friday Morning Group

This online group is facilitated by Carly, one of our accredited Peer Support Volunteers and takes place every Friday morning from 10am – 11am.


What Our Parents & Volunteers Say

F. Parent/Service User

When my health visitor recommended [The Parent Rooms] I never thought it would help me. wrong I was! You are amazing at helping me feel less anxious and for helping me to realise that what I feel is normal. I don't feel so lonely any more. Especially my peer supporter Rachel, you have been amazing at helping me.

S. Parent/Service User

It means so much to feel supported and cared about. The work you are doing is so appreciated and meaningful to myself and lots of others.

K. Parent/Service User

I just wanted to say thanks for everything you've done to help me so far. I've been just blown away by all the support, and honestly I don't know what I would have done without finding you. I'm so grateful.

I. Parent/Art Therapy Participant

It has made a huge difference to me, having the option to take part in something like this. It is so valuable to have these services available in such an isolated time.

Andrea Parent/Peer Support Volunteer

I can't speak for everyone else but the opportunity to be a peer supporter has helped me in my own recovery by giving me a purpose and an identity other than "mum". This opportunity wouldn't exist if you hadn't created it.

Carly Parent/Peer Support Volunteer

The peer support training gave me the tools to recognise when I was slipping again and helped me pull myself back out of it nearly as quickly as I went down. I'm definitely not the same women I was a year ago. I'm even better now and you had a major role to play in that.

Rachel Parent/Peer Support Volunteer

I am a whole different person than I would have been had I not done the peer support course. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!


    By making a regular donation, you are helping us to ensure every parent has access to support.

    our Volunteers

    Volunteering is a work of Heart

    Our volunteers our the beating heart of The Parent Rooms. They are all parents with their own lived experience who are investing their time and their passion to help other parents get to a place of wellbeing. 

    All our peer support volunteers take part in intensive accredited training so that they can use their experiences to provide safe, and compassionate support to others. 

    We also have volunteers who run our social activities such as toddler groups and coffee mornings, and who run fundraising events on our behalf. 


    We are currently in the process of revamping our volunteer recruitment pack and aren’t taking on new volunteers at present but we will be opening for applications again very soon. 

    Carly Craig

    Peer Support Volunteer

    Andrea Murtagh

    Peer Support Volunteer

    Lindsay Robinson

    Lindsay Robinson

    Board Volunteer

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