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Evolve stage

Learn to improve & maintain your Wellbeing

The Evolve stage of your journey is all about settling down those difficult emotions and learning new tools and skills to not only improve your mental health and wellbeing, but to sustain it in the long term. The main program in the Evolve stage is our Space For Me program.


This program is all about learning the basics such as cognitive behavioural tools, challenging negative thinking, breathing techniques and more to move you from a place of discomfort or distress into a place of calm. Your Parent Advocate who you will be matched with from the beginning of your journey might help you identify other supports you may need such as counselling, therapeutic play, or support around parenting challenges. They can also provide you with advocacy support to help you manage other areas of your life such as welfare, housing, education, employment and more. 


Once you have completed Space For Me and you are feeling better, you will given the opportunity to join other activities such as art therapy, yoga and more. You and your group from the program will also be given the opportunity to continue to meet once the program is over to continue your wellbeing journey together. 

  • Space For Me: A twelve-week personal development program that teaches cognitive behavioural tools, wellbeing exercises and helps you build a toolkit you can use to improve your wellbeing. 
  • Art Therapy: This will run several times throughout the year and will use art practices for mental health
  • Parenting Workshops: These one-off workshops will help you to identify and address the challenges you face as a parent such as sleep, discipline, navigating the teenage years, and children’s mental health
  • Free on-site childcare: This will be offered to everyone taking part in Evolve programs who have children under the age of three. 
  • Movement: Yoga, walking groups, swimming etc
  • Music: Drum circles, sound baths, choir/singing etc
  • Social Connection: Drop-in coffee mornings, stay-and-play groups, breakfast club, social events, themed parties etc
  • Skills-Based activities: Gardening, mosaics, crafting etc
  • Early Years: Infant massage, sensory sessions, babywearing support etc

We aim to offer a number of wraparound supports to all parents but these will be identified on a personal basis with your Parent Advocate. They may include: 

  • Counselling
  • Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)
  • Therapeutic Play
  • Antenatal Education & Support
  • Advocacy Support (housing/welfare/education/employment etc)
  • Liaison with Mental Health Teams


Please note there may be waiting lists for these additional services. 


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The services we provide are all about teaching coping skills, building confidence, and helping parents move into healthier and more fulfilled lives. You can help us to keep these services going by making a one-off or regular donation.