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Gala Celebration & Awards

gala celebration & Awards

TPR Awards 2024

The Parent Rooms are delighted to announce that this year, as part of our tenth birthday celebrations, we are launching the TPR Awards at our Gala Celebration on Friday 17th May. 


Our awards will celebrate the parents we support, our volunteers, and professionals in the community who are working hard to ensure every parent has access to support for their mental health and wellbeing. 


We have five categories, each the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the pride we have in our community. The Awards are open for nominations until 5pm on Friday 12th April and winners will be announced at the Gala Celebration in May. 

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Inspirational Parent Journey Award

This award recognises a parent who has overcome significant challenges and demonstrated resilience, determination, and positivity in their parenting journey. They serve as an inspiration to others facing similar struggles.

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Change Maker Award

This award honours an individual, professional, or organisation that has made a significant impact in improving parental mental health and well-being through innovative initiatives, advocacy, or transformative contributions.

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Outstanding Professional Award

This award acknowledges a professional (e.g., therapist, educator, social worker) who has demonstrated exceptional dedication, expertise, and compassion in supporting parents and families’ mental health and well-being.

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Community Impact Award

This award recognises an individual, group, or organisation that has made a significant positive impact on the community by promoting parental mental health awareness, providing support services, or fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

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Volunteer of the Year Award

This award celebrates a dedicated volunteer who has generously contributed their time, skills, and passion to support The Parent Rooms’ mission and initiatives, embodying the spirit of service and making a tangible difference in the lives of others.


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