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Our Team

Meet the Staff

Michelle Bradley

Chief Executive

Michelle is the founder and CEO of The Parent Rooms. She began The Parent Rooms back in 2014 when she was struggling with postnatal depression and anxiety. She was looking for connection and hope; values that remain central to our ethos. Michelle is a mum to three children and when not working at The Parent Rooms, is passionate about DIY and reading. 

Chloe McVey

operations manager

Chloe has over 20 years experience working in the charity and voluntary sector in Northern Ireland, focusing on supporting and empowering people through connection and shared experiences. In recent years, she has focused on parental mental health and the importance of recognising and addressing the effects of isolation, particularly for those who have been significantly affected by the current socio-economic climate. Having gone through her own perinatal journey with her 2 boys (now 8 and 10), Chloe is passionate about supporting others through their own parenting experiences. She is an avid reader and writer, and has also recently developed an obsession with jumping into the sea, come rain or shine!

Carly Craig

community outreach coordinator

Carly joined our Board in 2020 after progressing through our Peer Support Training program. Before joining the staff team she chaired the Board and volunteered as a peer support leader. Carly’s passion for helping families is unending and she is constantly looking for new ways to improve lives. 

Paul Corr


Before joining The Parent Rooms team as administrator, Paul enjoyed working with children with special educational needs. He is father to a little boy and is passionate about working in the field of mental health with a particular focus on supporting dads. Not only does Paul provide administrative support to the team, he’s the first point of contact for the parents we support with a particular knack for remembering everyone’s tea order!

Liz Davis

parent advocate/counsellor

Liz is a trained counsellor with over two decades of experience supporting parents and their families through Sure Start and as a therapist. Her passion for ensuring all families get the best start and are supported is unending and in her role with The Parent Rooms she will be supporting parents on their journey towards better mental health. 

Sara Dallat


Sara is a mum of two and experienced events planner with years of charity sector work throughout the UK and has joined The Parent Rooms as a fundraising officer kindly supported by Rank Foundation’s Time To Shine Leadership Program. 


Help Us create a circle of support for parents in NI

£10 per month will help a parent experiencing mental health issues to move into a place of health and wellness.