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In order to take part in our peer support and other services such as counselling, we need to take some details for safeguarding purposes. This information will be kept securely and won’t be shared with anyone. Please ensure you read all of the following information before completing the registration form below. 

  • You are not obligated to attend any peer support or counselling for any set period of time. You can attend as often or as little as feels right for you. You may find that the more you attend, the more you will get out of it. 
  • The online groups run weekly and group members are asked to agree to treat the meeting as confidential and to be respectful and non-judgemental to other group members. One-to-one peer support will be offered for one hour per week and will be arranged on an individual basis with your peer supporter.
  • Our online group sessions will be delivered via Zoom online. When you log on to Zoom you will enter the waiting room, the host will then allow access to the group. Please do not give the details of the group to anyone, the ID number and password must remain strictly confidential.
  • Groups will meet at the specified time each week. One-to-one peer support will be delivered as agreed with your peer supporter. If you are late for any reason, please let us know (we understand!) If you can’t attend please inform us as it may delay the start of the group if we are waiting. you need to leave early please let us know at the beginning of the group.
  • Counselling will take place with a qualified counselling partner. All sessions will be provided by them. The Parent Rooms won’t receive any details about the content of your sessions. This will be kept confidential between you and your counsellor.

Our peer support groups are very informal and are a chance to relax with other parents, talk about how you are feeling and seek support.


  • It is our intention to ensure that service we offer is safe. Meeting online is very different from face to face but it is imperative that you feel safe and supported throughout.
  • If we have any concerns about anyone in any of our groups, firstly your peer support leader will discuss it with you, and can arrange additional support or signposting through The Parent Rooms. This would be done outside of the group. If you are taking part in one-to-one peer support, your peer supporter will discuss any concerns with you directly.
  • If we have concerns about your safety (if you are at risk to yourself or others) we do have a duty of care to inform your GP as soon as possible. Again this will be done in a caring and sensitive manner where you will be supported.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Our peer support leaders have access to support as part of their practice and best practice requires us to discuss how things are going to allow us to identify any challenges or concerns. This is done whilst ensuring your anonymity and supervisors are experienced personnel who are knowledgeable about respecting confidentiality.


We ask that particular when in groups that you don’t take photos or screenshots of the group. This is a safe space for everyone and confidentiality and trust is paramount.

The Parent Rooms may occasionally request photos of groups to share with our funders and other interested parties to demonstrate what we do and the impact we have. We will never take your photograph, or share it without your express consent.


If you have a complaint, please speak with the staff at The Parent Rooms by emailing [email protected]


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