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The Parent Rooms & MYMY

At The Parent Rooms, we know all too well that community is EVERYTHING. In his book, Lost Connections, Johann Hari explored the importance of community and social connections as a way of preventing and mitigating the impacts of poor mental health.


As a small charity in Northern Ireland, we know that we aren’t alone in our passion to support parents. We know that one of the best ways we can support parents is by collaborating with other organisations to ensure our parents have access to the best care at the right time.


That’s why we’re delighted to announce that we are partnering with Mind Yourself & Your Mate in Castlewellan to create a support hub for parents in the Co Down area.


Every Monday, we will be taking over the Project 61 space to deliver peer support, wellbeing programs, and opportunities for parents to come try something new and fun. We are planning a whole host of exciting activities such as baby massage, sensory classes, drop-in mornings, and support groups for anyone who wants to come along.

About MYMY


MYMY is an organisation focused on helping people raise their self-esteem, their self-awareness and to develop a better understanding of self-care. They believe this helps individuals acquire a greater sense of confidence and self-respect, a priceless attribute in life’s journey.


MYMY offers a safe and friendly space for individuals to work through the issues that are becoming a burden and affecting their everyday lives.


Ultimately, they are here to help anyone who would like some support. They do this by providing services such as one-to-one counselling; complementary therapies, self-help groups, men’s group, woman’s group, book club, and bereavement group.

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