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This page is for our volunteers to access all the documents you need including all our policies and procedures. Use the links below to download documents and return any signed documents to: Chloe McVey, The Parent Rooms, Houben Centre, 432 Crumlin Road, Belfast, BT14 7GE. 


If you have any questions or queries, contact Chloe on

File Size Type Last Modified Download
Mileage Claim 19.91 KB DOCX 15/06/2023 Mileage Claim
Expenses Form 9.29 KB DOCX 24/04/2023 Expenses Form
Risk Assessment Form 72.08 KB DOCX 24/04/2023 Risk Assessment Form
Risk Assessment Information 27.70 KB DOCX 24/04/2023 Risk Assessment Information
Risk Assessment Policy 77.99 KB DOCX 24/04/2023 Risk Assessment Policy
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form 49.50 KB DOC 24/04/2023 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
Conflict of Interest Policy 74.03 KB DOCX 24/04/2023 Conflict of Interest Policy
Anti-bullying Policy 74.03 KB DOCX 24/04/2023 Anti-bullying Policy
Digital Safeguarding Policy 80.01 KB DOCX 24/04/2023 Digital Safeguarding Policy
Safeguarding Policy & Procedure 257.67 KB DOCX 24/04/2023 Safeguarding Policy & Procedure
Complaints Policy & Procedure 80.44 KB DOCX 24/04/2023 Complaints Policy & Procedure
Confidentiality Policy 89.89 KB DOCX 24/04/2023 Confidentiality Policy
Health & Safety Policy 77.71 KB DOCX 24/04/2023 Health & Safety Policy
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy 80.30 KB DOCX 24/04/2023 Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy 75.65 KB DOCX 24/04/2023 Equal Opportunities Policy
Code of Conduct Policy 75.79 KB DOCX 24/04/2023 Code of Conduct Policy

We can only provide our services with your help

We rely on your generous donations to allow us to deliver all our services and supports to parents and their families. A regular monthly donation will help us reach more parents across Northern Ireland, ensuring that no parent is left to struggle alone.